Extra Expertise & Benefits

Our competences

Here at FOERSTER, we pride ourselves on manufacturing top quality test and measurement systems and also act as a consultant and partner for our customers from the first time they get in touch. We aim to develop a long-term partnership and work closely with you to find tailored solutions for your test tasks. You can be assured that the technologies used by us will always be state-of-the-art as we continuously endeavor to create a crucial advantage for our customers with product improvements and innovations.

Our service package for you therefore goes far beyond the purchase of the product alone.




FOERSTER has application laboratories specially equipped to deal with customer requests at various locations to provide comprehensive and individual advice for specific customer requests. Fitted with the latest test equipment, the laboratories are ideally prepared to find solutions for their specific applications. We are able to comprehensively test a multitude of products, from fine wire to steel bars and heavy long products such as billets, API tubes and rail tracks. We are also able to simulate even complex test lines at our technical facilities, from ultrasound testing to eddy current test lines and thermography test lines. The optimal result for both technical equipment and the correct settings parameters are determined from samples provided by customers. FOERSTER's special team of application engineers carry out this work. they are in close contact with the developers and have extensive application knowledge thanks to their long-standing experience at FOERSTER. The results are presented to you in a comprehensive report and can also be discussed in person if required.

We provide the following services at our application laboratories:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Developing individual customer solutions that account for your technical and organizational framework conditions
  • Optimizing the settings parameters of your testing system
  • Test runs for customer-specific hardware and software solutions developed in-house
  • Advice on applications, at your own premises, if required

We also perform application testing for all new test tasks at our application laboratories o as to continuously improve our products and expand their scope of application. As a result, we are always ahead when it comes to new customer requirements.


In addition to individual measurement and testing systems, FOERSTER provides complete multi-test lines tailored to your specific requirements. Our team of specialist from the various expert fields visit your premises to get an idea of the task at hand and together with you plan the ideal test line for your task. In addition to the popular FOERSTER testing systems, we can also integrate complementary technologies from other manufacturers in the line, if required. 

In the next step, our internal construction department visualizes the plans thus developed for your new test line with the help of CAD drawings. Our experiences specialists also develop and program the software and ports required for automating the test line. The FOERSTER instrumentation software facilitates a central adjustment procedure of the various testing systems, including those by third-party manufacturers, and a common display and documentation of the test results.

We then construct the multiple test line and deliver the turnkey system to you. to ensure that you can make full use of your test system from day on, we provide employee training directly on site or at our premises. Thanks to our global service network with highly qualified service engineers, help will always be at hand even after commissioning your system. Regular inspections and maintenance are part of the service as well as 24/7 service and technical support. FOERSTER is therefore your sole contact throughout the entire lifecycle of your system and always there to answer all of your questions and suggestions.




In order to successfully drive product development in the field of UXO detection and archeological prospection and perform testing in a highly life-like environment, FOERSTER has constructed a special large outdoor testing facility covering approximately 1 ha. Detection objects can be placed in defined locations in an underground tube system to localize them with corresponding detectors. The compound contains the typical soil conditions from different locations around the world, thus making it possible to realistically demonstrate the use of detectors. All points and positions within the compound are georeferenced.

The area is also ideal for training for implementing the theoretical and device-specific information imparted in the training course immediately in practical exercises. FOERSTER integrates the training within this compound in seminars, but also offers the unique testing opportunities of this facility to companies and organizations which can integrate their own test scenarios. Under our expert guidance, we therefore train specialists who can apply their knowledge immediately in practice.




Right from the start, FOERSTER aimed to share its knowledge and develop an international network of specialists. Today, FOERSTER has 10 subsidiaries and representations in over 60 countries. This international focus has developed into one of FOERSTER's numerous strengths as it enables us to adapt to local conditions. Our qualified, local employees can be with you at short notice and provide you with comprehensive technical on-site support. Many of our subsidiaries are located in direct proximity to major companies of the metal industry to ensure optimal customer service. Regular training for our local specialists ensures that our knowledge is imparted and developed continuously. We now have a huge knowledge pool at our disposal which helps us to master new test tasks and quickly find a service solution when required.