Plant and mechanical engineering

Industry competence

Plant and mechanical engineering is especially characterized by a close cooperation between the respective customer and the manufacturing company. Ultimately, the testing systems or testing lines have to meet the respective customer requirements exactly. For this reason, the multifunctional test sections from FOERSTER are individually designed and developed for each customer in order to offer the optimum solution for the testing task.

To ensure this, FOERSTER relies on comprehensive consultation with their customers from the very beginning. As soon as the concept has been worked out, FOERSTER's in-house design department implements the customized multifunctional test section. At the customer's request, testing or measurement equipment from third-party manufacturers can also be integrated in the test line. From the initial consultation through to design up to final commissioning, as well as providing regular maintenance of the system and far beyond, FOERSTER is always at the customer's side as a competent partner.

The multifunctional test sections from FOERSTER are found in numerous steel mills and rolling mills worldwide. From Asia to Europe and the entire American continent, testing systems from FOERSTER are relied upon to make material quality visible.

Application example

Multi-test systems for pipe testing

In 2015, FOERSTER designed and produced the largest, heaviest, and most complex test section in the history of the company. The system was developed for testing pipes in a steel mill in the USA. The entire test block weighed a total of 32 t. This is roughly the same as 5 adult African elephants. To be able to load this, FOERSTER commited to the investment of a new crane system.

The system tests hot-rolled, seamless pipes using non-destructive testing methods including leakage flux, eddy current and ultrasound for detection of different types of defects. The highly precise central test track consists of the complete testing mechanism with drive rolls and tables as well as the extensive testing technology. The test systems DEFECTOMAT, ROTOMAT/TRANSOMAT, MAGNATEST and  CIRCOSON WT were integrated in the system. The instrumentation software developed by FOERSTER also allows all test equipment to be connected in one interface via software. The produced data can be transmitted directly over a network connection.

The pipes which can be used for energy production, including oil and gas, as well as in the chemical and petrochemicals industry, require flawless material properties. The customized solution from FOERSTER creates a multifunctional test section to ensure that geometric properties such as the wall thickness and the external diameter of the pipes precisely meet the specifications and that any surface defects are reliably detected.

Finding the right solution for every testing task is both a challenge and a motivation for our employees. At FOERSTER, the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.