Today's quality requirements for the production of rails are extremely tough as rails are exposed to heavy loads and it is expected for them to remain operable for many years. It therefore has become the norm to test rails already during manufacture for material defects with the help of eddy current technology.
The profiled structure of the rails requires a special eddy current test system.


The CIRCOGRAPH test electronics are ideal for analyzing surface defects in rails. The CIRCOSCAN rotating discs are used for scanning critical points in the rail surface and heir test results are transferred to the CIRCOGRAPH test equipment.

DEFECTOMAT: The DEFECTOMAT product family is used for the precision testing of rails for point and transverse defects at the critical points with fixed probes and segment coils.

The DEFECTOVISION thermography system can also be used for testing rails. By analyzing the thermal spread on the rail surface, even the smallest defects in the material surface can be detected and visualized. All but a few millimeters of the ends of the materials are also covered by the test.

FOERSTER also provides the MAGNETOSCOP and MAGNETOMAT measuring instruments for measuring permeability and magnetic flux density.