Magnetic measurements

Magnetic measurements

FOERSTER has developed precise measuring instruments to determine the magnetic properties of metals, such as the parameters permeability, coercive field strength, magnetic remanence, residual magnetic field, magnetic phase. These are used in the quality control of metals, the control of the sinter degree in the hard-metal sintering process or in the localization of ferritic inclusions in stainless steels.

MAGNETOSCOP: The MAGNETOSCOP is a portable magnetometer system with inter-changeable probes for measuring the magnetic flux density and the relative permeability.

MAGNETOMAT: The MAGNETOMAT is a stationary measuring system for precise determination of the magnetic flux density and relative permeability.

KOERZIMAT MS: The KOERZIMAT MS precisely measures the weight-specific as well as the volume-specific saturation polarization.

KOERZIMAT HCJ: The KOERZIMAT HCJ measuring system allows a precise and fast measurement of the coercive field strength HcJ.

3-AXIS MAGNETOMETER: The 3-AXIS MAGNETOMETER based on Förster probes is for determining the magnetic flux density in three dimensions.