Hardness / structure testing

Hardness/microstructure testing

In order to meet the relevant quality standards and to ensure the correct performance of the material, precise monitoring of the hardness and microstructure is required for many semi-finished products. To be able to perform quality control quickly, reliably and economically, non-destructive testing methods are required. With the help of various technologies, such as the eddy current or the magneto-inductive method, the material properties of the components or the semi-finished product can be tested. This material or microstructure testing with FOERSTER systems can prevent material mix and determine hardness properties.

DEFECTOMETER: The mobile DEFECTOMETER testing device is used for manual crack and microstructure testing. It can detect cracks of 20 µm and larger.

DEFECTOSCOP: The computer-aided DEFECTOSCOP testing device for universal use is utilized for manual testing of electrically conductive materials for cracks and microstructure.

MAGNATEST: The MAGNATEST device family provides the right system for magneto-inductive material and microstructure testing of metal components. This can be used to carry out hardness tests as well as tests for mixed-up materials.

MAGNATEST D-HZP: The MAGNATEST D-HZP testing system is ideally suited for mixed-up material testing as well as for heat treatment control of semi-finished products using magneto-inductive methods.

ROTOPUSH / ROTOSCAN: ROTOPUSH and ROTOSCAN are fully automatic test mechanisms for testing cylindrical components or rings for cracks and microstructure using the eddy current method. The components are then sorted and separated.