Products for »Lamination testing / laminar discontinuities«

Lamination testing / laminar discontinuities

Discontinuities, for example, laminations or inclusions, which can result during the manufacturing of seamless steel tubes or metal sheets negatively affect the quality of products. Testing devices based on ultrasonic technology can be used to perform quality control during the production. The systems manufactured by FOERSTER allow precise testing for material defects.

CIRCOSON WT: The CIRCOSON WT allows a precise wall thickness measurement of ferromagnetic steel tubes using EMAT (electromagnetic ultrasonic method). Optionally equipped with lamination testing, defects can be reliably detected inside of the tube wall.

DEFECTOPLATE: The DEFECTOPLATE testing system uses ultrasonic technology to check the coil and sheet reliably for laminar discontinuities in the material and automatically determines their number, dimension, depth, and position.