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FOERSTER testing and measurement systems are an integral part of your production processes. For this reason, we have matched our service portfolio to your needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Our service starts with ascertaining and evaluating your requirements for feasibility by our qualified application engineers. We subsequently support you with the expert installation and commissioning of new devices as well as with regular maintenance, the replacement of wearing parts, software updates if necessary, as well as calibration of the devices.

Operator and maintenance training courses individually adapted to your needs are just as much a part of our concept as direct contact via our service hotline. This is available to you at all times – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our specialist engineers take care of error analysis, remote support on-line and repait both on-site or at our service centers. We also provide a fast availability of spare parts.

We continue to perform repairs even on devices that have not been produced for over 10 years as long as spare parts are available. We also maintain calibration and servicing as long as possible. The exact services can be found in the enclosed list. We are also happy to advise you on possible alternative products.

Services for older devices

In our download area, you will also find a precise service overview for the products from the areas of detection and magnetics.

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We ensure the quality of your test and measuring results

Calibration means comparison with a known factor. The measured values ​​of coercive force, magnetic flux density and permeability can be calibrated to traceable standards. Regularly recalibrating your systems and equipment is important to demonstrate the high quality of your test and measurement results.

Our factory calibration service includes checking your FOERSTER systems or devices for perfect function and compliance with the performance parameters. This ensures that the high quality of your products is maintained throughout. In the event that a repair should be necessary you will receive an estimate prior to any work being carried out.



For determining the magnetic properties of your test parts according to valid international standards, the FOERSTER Division DM in Germany offers a cost based service of the following parameters:

  • Coercive field strength HcJ
  • Saturation magnetization σS
  • Relative permeability µr
  • Residual magnetic field

The FOERSTER subsidiary Magnetische Pruefanlagen GmbH also offers the service of non-destructive materials testing in the chemical industry. Testing reformer tubes in ammonia and methanol plants as well as refineries, among others, is a main focus. For further information, follow the link: www.mp-ndt.de

A worthwhile investment

The continued reliability of test equipment is a critical factor for every customer. An important prerequisite for minimizing downtime and maintaining production is a regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment and installations. It serves to prevent a loss of production and thus increases plant availability.


To determine and evaluate the actual condition of your installation, we offer you regular inspections to detect possible signs of impending wear and initiate countermeasures. This secures the installation availability over the long term and minimizes the number of wear-related failures.


Regular and qualified maintenance increases the life of your systems. Observe the predefined maintenance schedules and, if necessary, request a more detailed inspection and maintenance of your system by us, and we will send a service engineer directly to you.

Remote maintenance

Test systems used in production may cause a stoppage if they fail. In order to keep these downtimes as short as possible, we offer a remote service for fast fault analysis. This enables fault identification and solutions, as far as software installation or configuration issues are concerned, without a cost-intensive service trip being necessary. Software updates can also be installed remotely. Also for the integration of required software options the attendance of an on-site service engineer is usually no longer required. The preliminary clarification of the fault also allows us to go equiped with the necessary spare part and thus save time and money.


In the case of repair, our worldwide active service engineers are available to you quickly at all times. You can send your FOERSTER devices either to our subsidiaries and qualified service partners or directly to our head office in Reutlingen for repair. A precise description of the problem helps us provide a fast and efficient service saving you time and cost.

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Optimum use of your FOERSTER testing systems from the very first day

Our experienced service engineers put your testing devices and highly complex testing lines into operation at any location in the world. This also includes the individual adjustment and optimization of the equipment to your testing criteria. We offer customized software solutions that can also include the data of external devices. As a result, all test information comes together at one point. This makes it easier for you to analyze, document, and archive the data.

During commissioning, your employees are instructed in the operation and handling of your FOERSTER equipment and systems in a direct production environment. On request, we can also provide operator training directly at your premises. This allows you to make the most of your FOERSTER test system right from the start. After all we know: Qualified personnel are the key to high productivity and help ensure products of the highest quality. Commissioning is part of the continued support we offer you throughout the complete life cycle of your FOERSTER test systems.