Quality Assurance of Seamless and Welded Steel Tubes on a Completely New Level

With the new generation ROTOMAT DA and TRANSOMAT DA flux leakage test systems FOERSTER is setting new standards in continuous quality assurance of ferromagnetic steel tubes. The test systems enable the reliable detection of natural and oblique defects, regardless of their angle or length, in addition to standardized longitudinal and transversal defects. The miniaturization of sensors together with highly integrated electronic components dramatically increases the number of channels. This makes a more precise and finer scan of the surface possible, giving a more complete set of information regarding detected defects. The newly introduced C-Scan visualizes these defects in high-definition and real-time, resulting in a completely new evaluation of the tubes to meet rising quality requirements.

The Highlights

  • Reliable detection of natural and oblique defects regardless of length and angle
  • Improved detectability of inner defects
  • More precise decision between outer and inner defects
  • Reduction of untested ends

    Technical Data

    Range of diameters: 20 mm - 520 mm
    Range of wall: 2 mm - 20 mm (thicker than 20 mm possible for exterior defect testing)
    Tolerances: in accordance with API 5 CT, L and D
    End consistency: plain, non-cutted, or up-set ends; non-threaded or with couplings
    Test piece temperature: > 0 °C to 80 °C
    Test speed: 0.2 m/s to 3 m/s (depending on external diameter and wall thickness)


    API 5 CT

    Specifies the technical delivery conditions for steel tubes (housing, tubes, mechanical seals, and joint heads), coupling materials, and accessories. The requirements are also defined on three product specification levels (PSL-1, PSL-2, PSL-3).

    API 5 L

    Comprises specifications for seamless and welded steel tubes for pipelines in the crude oil and natural gas sector. The specifications of API 5L correspond to ISO 3183.

    API 5 D

    Specifies the technical delivery conditions for steel bore hole tubes with inverted tube ends and welded tool connections for drilling and production companies in the crude oil and natural gas sector.

    DIN EN ISO 10893-3

    Describes the method of the automated leakage flux testing of seamless and welded ferromagnetic steel tubes (except submerged arc welded tubes) across the entire tube circumference for detecting longitudinal and/or transverse imperfections.

    ASTM E570

    Describes the method for testing ferromagnetic tube-shaped products using leakage flux.


    Specifies the requirements for hot-molded seamless steel tubes.