Magneto-inductive testing of the material properties of semi-finished products

Fully automatic identification checking with the MAGNATEST® D-HZP

The MAGNATEST D-HZP by FOERSTER is the ultimate magneto-inductive test instrument: the fully automatic system tests materials for their properties. It operates in single coil absolute mode, making a comparator coil unnecessary. The combination of high excitation currents and complex evaluation electronic equipment detects even very small structural discrepancies. The MAGNATEST D-HZP also provides comprehensive options for documenting test results, such as test piece statistics, histogram, and test data export, which are displayed clearly on the large color display.



Your advantages at a glance

  • Single coil absolute operation, therefore no comparator coil required
  • Consistent magnetic field strength due to impressed excitation current
  • Optional high induction current intensity for high test sensitivity to the magnetic properties of the test material thanks to targeted hysteresis control
  • Full network integration and remote access to process integration
  • Easy operation due to application-specific function buttons
  • Automatic formation of statistically assured sorting limits
  • Trend tracking of the sorting ranges during the testing

Technical Data

Excitation frequency: 2 Hz to 128 kHz, 17 levels
Number of inputs and outputs to the line: 8
Test resolution: manual, external
Sorting threshold: Circle, ellipse, rectangle, box regression
Sorting process testing: group analysis
Stimulation: mono-frequency, multi-frequency