Detection with integrated data recorder

The FEREX 4.032 DLG fluxgate magnetometer, equipped with CON 650 Sensors, can be used either in the direct indicating FEREX mode or in the data logging mode. Four data logging channels allow the expansion of the FEREX 4.032 DLG to a multi probe system for large area detection. Furthermore it can be upgraded to the FEREX 4.032 DLG KARTO model which comes with a GPS-interface for geo-referencing and navigation.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Maximum sensitivity and minimum noise level bomb locator
  • Direct indication and integrated data logging
  • Built-in filters for searching close to disturbances like railway tracks or power lines
  • Extendible to multi-probe systems
  • Data evaluation with DATA2LINE software
  • Optional Direct georeferencing with connected GPS

Technical Data

Dimensions: L 1400 mm
Weight:  4.9 kg complete detector incl. Batteries
Battery lifetime:     > 36 h
FEREX probe CON 650:  Bandwidth: 240 Hz  Noise: <1 nT pp
Qualifications: MIL-STD 810E