Constant results even when hot

The eddy current method can be used without compromise even under extreme conditions: material speeds up to 150 m/s and wire temperatures up to 1,200 °C prove no problem for DEFECTOTHERM sensors. The special thermal coils and sensor systems are used for testing wires, tubes, and rods directly in the roll train.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Sensor system for hot-wire testing up to +1,200 °C
  • Water-cooled flow-type thermal coils
  • Online testing directly in the roll train
  • Designed for maximum production speeds 
  • Fast dimension change within the line
  • Fully functional without sliding table
  • Controls can be adjusted on site without any special tools

Technical Data

Material diameter: from approx. 5 mm - 60 mm
Test piece temperature:  up to +1,200 °C
Materials that can be tested: ferromagnetic, non-ferromagnetic, and austenitic materials
Test speed: up to 150 m/s