Patented clearance compensation sensor technology

The DEFECTOARRAY sensor by FOERSTER is the eddy current technology of the future. The patented sensor comprises eight diameter segments with one clearance winding each and facilitates ultra dynamic clearance compensation. This significantly increases the reproducibility of the results and reduces rejects. Dimension variations, eccentricity, entry effects, and wobble are also reduced. The defect position is recorded in a longitudinal direction as well as within the diameter. The test coils come in diameters from 18 mm to 100 mm and are compatible with sensor systems H, P, and M.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Increased reproducibility of test results and decrease in the number of items incorrectly recognized as rejects
  • Elimination of dimension variations, eccentricity, entry effects, and wobble
  • Records the exact defect position
  • Coils and nozzles only have to be changed in 3 mm increments
  • Reduced risk of mechanical damage to the test material
  • Available in 3 mm increments 
  • Compatible with sensor systems H, P, and M

Technical Data

Test material diameter: 18 mm - 100 mm
Excitation frequency: 3 kHz - 60 kHz
Defect types by defect detectability DIN EN ISO 15549: Transverse and point defects
Suitable for FOERSTER analysis devices: DEFECTOMAT DA
Suitable for FOERSTER sensor systems:  H, M, P