Rotational system for seamless measurement at high test speeds

The CIRCOSON sensor system enables you to seamlessly measure the wall thickness of your material at a maximum throughput speed of 3.2 m/s. Our system works uses the impulse echo ultrasound method with two rotating test heads. A coupling agent is not required thanks to the electromagnetic coupling. When combined with the CIRCOSON WT evaluation electronic equipment, the sensor system thus facilitates highly accurate measurements of wall thicknesses of +/-50 µm and the testing of tube walls and lamination.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Based on Electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT), thus does not require a coupling agent
  • For highly accurate wall thickness measurement and lamination testing of seamless tubes
  • Various sensor systems available, depending on test material diameter: Ro 180 (20 - 180 mm), Ro 310 (40 - 310 mm), and Ro 440 (60 – 440 mm)
  • Fast setting of dimensions
  • High test speed during full surface scanning

Technical Data

Range of diameters: 20 – 180 mm (Ro 180), 40 -310 mm (Ro 310), 60 – 440 mm (Ro 440)
Test shoes: 4 or 8 probes
Track length per probe: max. 20 mm
Track length per test head: max. 160 mm
Maximum rotational speeds: 1,200 rpm (Ro 180), 480 rpm (Ro 310), 380 rpm (Ro 440)
Maximum throughput speed: 3.2 m/s (Ro 180); 2.5 m/s (Ro 310); 2.0 m/s (Ro 440)