From September 28 to October 1, 2016, FOERSTER Japan exhibited their wide range of products at JIMA in Tokyo. This trade fair is organized by the Japanese association of inspection instrument manufacturers and is held every two years. More than 80,000 visitors were registered during the four days and learned about the latest information and trends in non-destructive testing. In addition, interesting presentations were given that provided an insight into new topics as well.

78 exhibitors showed their products to the numerous trade fair visitors during the four days. At the FOERSTER stand, visitors were able to see the new, innovative DEFECTOMAT DA testing system with the patented DEFECTOARRAY segment encircling coils. In addition, a special coil for profiled wires was also presented. These products are increasingly used in the manufacturing of flexible offshore tubes and attracted considerable attention among the visitors. The CIRCOGRAPH, the MAGNATEST D-HZP for mixed-up materials testing of semifinished products, as well as the portable SIGMATEST and MAGNETOSCOP measuring devices were also exhibited.

FOERSTER Japan was very satisfied with the resonance at their stand. The visitors showed great interest in the non-destructive testing devices, especially for testing wire and bars. Many specific questions were answered, and concrete discussions were held with stand visitors and customers.