Compactly packaged precision – The new MAGNETOSCOP® 1.070

Precision and reliability are values that characterize the name FOERSTER. With the new MAGNETOSCOP 1.070, the company now presents a portable magnetometer of the latest generation that allows a highly precise measurement of the magnetic flux density as an absolute or differential value as well as the determination of the relative permeability µr for low-permeability materials.

The large number of different measuring probes that are available for the MAGNETOSCOP 1.070 allow an optimum adaptation to the respective measuring task. The MAGNETOSCOP 1.070 is thus suitable for, among other things, the fast and portable measurement of relative permeability in the quality control of stainless steels and low-permeability (nonmagnetic) alloys as well as for localization of ferritic inclusions. In addition, it is possible to detect material changes (sulfidation, degradation of coatings, structural transformations) through comparative permeability measurement.

High scanning rates, preconfigured measuring processes, application-optimized visualization, and a variety of data interfaces such as USB and SB support uses in industry and research and make the compact MAGNETOSCOP 1.070 the perfect partner for everyday work.

The measuring system also allows the detection and storage of peak values. The thresholds for limit values can be easily set manually, and serial measurements can be performed as well as individual measurements. The measured data can be analyzed and documented in an uncomplicated way using the supplied PC software.

The new MAGNETOSCOP 1.070 combines precise high-end measurements and compact dimensions. In this way, FOERSTER guarantees maximum flexibility and reliability in the future as well.
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