Welded NFE / FE tubes

Welded NFE / FE tubes

Tubes with thin walls compared to the outer diameter are usually produced as welded tubes. In most cases, the base material is a metal strip which is welded longitudinally.
The FOERSTER test systems can be used for the precision testing of welded tubes using eddy current technology:

DEFECTOMAT: The DEFECTOMAT test system scans the tube surface for point and longitudinal defects using non-destructive eddy current.

Segment coil and weld seam scanner: For the testing of longitudinally welded tubes, FOERSTER provides a special segment coil and weld seam probe which scans the weld seam for defects. A special thermal probe which facilitates reliable material testing even at high temperatures is also available.

ROTOMAT/TRANSOMAT: The ROTOMAT and TRANSOMAT test systems were specially developed for tubes with large diameters. They test the inner and outer tube for surface defects using the flux leakage method.