Connecting component

Most tube fittings and screws are small, unremarkable components whose relevance is only felt once they are missing or if their material is defective. Vehicles and aircraft contain a multitude of screws and bearings whose quality can be ensured through thorough testing.

Our high quality FOERSTER systems support you with such tests.

For further information, please see our Application Note and our industry brochure or our flyer about fastener tester.

STATOGRAPH: The STATOGRAPH product family is available for precision crack testing. Each unit is tailored to suit your test tasks and production processes. Thanks to various standard and specialist sensors, the units can be adjusted accurately to suit the test item and test the material for cracks using eddy current.

MAGNATEST: FOERSTER has developed the MAGNATEST device family for testing the material and microstructure of metal components. These units can be used for testing the material identity and hardness of components.