Bright steel, general

Bright steel, general

Bright steel is produced by the descaling and subsequent cold molding of usually hot-rolled steel. Alternatively, previously forged steel can be used for production. Bright steel characteristically has a bright, smooth surface and high dimensional accuracy.
The following FOERSTER test systems are recommended for testing surface defects:

DEFECTOMAT: The DEFECTOMAT product family is used for testing bright steel for point and transverse defects in the material using non-destructive eddy current technology.

CIRCOGRAPH: The CIRCOGRAPH test system is used for reliably detecting longitudinal defects in bright steel. The material surface is scanned in a helical path with eddy current.

MAGNATEST D-HZP: The MAGNATEST D-HZP test system performs material identification checking and heat treatment checking in bright steel with a magnetic-conductive method.