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If a problem should occur, our Service Team operating worlwide is available quickly to you for repairs.

We put everything into operation, from the simple tester to the highly complex testing system. This also includes the individual adaptation to your testing line.

Preventive maintenance
Regular and skilled maintenance significantly increases the service life of your testing system. If it is not longer running smoothly or you notice unusual noises, then send us your testing system for inspection. If required, we will also send a service technician to you directly.

Remote maintenance
Testing systems which are used in the production can cause a production shutdown if they break down. Such interruptions result in high costs and are unacceptable whether they have been caused by device failure or an incorrect setting. In order to guarantee the availability of your FOERSTER test electronics, we provide a Remote service. This makes explanation and resolution of problems possible provided it is a software installation or configuration issue without deployment of a service technician.

Instruction and user training
Use your FOERSTER testing system optimally from the first day. Our service technicians instruct you immediately after the installation about the most important features of the operation and handling of your test electronics and your sensor system.