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The development of industry-compatible test methods

1937 during the examination of magnetic properties of metals, Friedrich Förster discovered the influence of the Earth's magnetic field on the test coil of the test equipment. He started with the development of highly sensitive measuring equipment for magnetic fields.

1948 the visionary founded his own company and looked for opportunities for the implementation of his results from the scientific work at the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute.

His objective: The development of industry-compatible apparatus.

The scientific basis of the electromagnetic test methods was developed in the 1950s. Dr. Friedrich Förster received the Victor de Forest Award for this in 1957. The method was published by Robert C. McMaster / USA in 1959 in the standard work of the non-destructive testing methods.

1963 the first magnetic field measuring equipment from FOERSTER was installed in a satellite. Mariner II is researching, amongst other things, the magnetic field of the planet Venus with this. Further measuring equipment for space travel followed later, e.g. for the precise alignment of the ROSAT ROentgen SATellite (X-ray observatory). There is even a FOERSTER probe on the moon. Prof. Friedrich Förster received the highest distinction of NASA in 1992 for his work.

Out into the world

Martin Förster further expanded the success of the family company. He recognized the opportunities of globalization early and ensured a worldwide presence with the founding of subsidiaries.

The third generation company has been managed for some years by Dipl.-Kaufmann Felix Förster.