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Calibration means comparison with a known factor. This is defined by national standards. Regular calibration is important in order to maintain the high quality of the testing and measurement results and to ensure protection against claims for recourse.

The calibration service includes the checking of the FOERSTER system for faultless functioning. If your system needs repairs, you will receive a costs estimate.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any or only limited service for the following products.

Type Designation Out of Service since
2.001 MAGNATEST-Controller 2014
2.003 STATOGRAPH-Controller 2014
2.018 DEFECTOPULS 2003
3.202/3.203/3.220 Magnatest Q/QP/VIP For more than 10 years
3.204 MAGNATEST QS 2000
3.205 TEVOTEST 2000
3.221/3.222 MAGNATEST VRH 2000
3.607 MAGNASORT 2005
3.610/3.615 MAGNATEST I 2000
3.625 MAGNATEST S 2014
3.630 MAGNAPULS 2007
6.420 STATOGRAPH S 2014
6.425 STATOGRAPH CS 2014